Parses and encodes the json generated by GSON (Can parse minecraft's json)

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Parses and encodes the json generated by GSON (Can parse minecraft’s json)

This is just a simple parser and encoder.

Website (github pages): https://miniminelp.github.io/dart-gson/

Repository (github): https://github.com/MinimineLP/dart-gson

View dart docs: https://miniminelp.github.io/dart-gson/doc/api/

View on pub: https://pub.dev/packages/gson


Add this to your pubspec.yaml file

  gson: ^0.1.6

And to import use

import 'package:gson/gson.dart';


To decode you can use


and to decode you can use


As dart has no different variable types for numbers (there are just num, int and double), the api gives you types. So if you want a double for example in the output you have to insert

gson.encode(new Double(1.0)); // >> 1.0d

Also the compiler gives these classes back to you, so you have to get the value property

gson.decode("1.0d").value; // >> 1.0

because booleans are displayed as bytes in gson, the boolean value is in the Byte type.

gson.encode(true) // >> 1b
gson.decode("1b").value // >> 1
gson.decode("1b").boolValue // >> true (and 0b will be false)

The program can’t find the difference between the number 1 and true / the number 0 / false, because in the code it is the same.

For more examples see example/example.dart


BSD 2-Clause License (See LICENSE)


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